Bed Post lamp
1922 Car Jack lamp
Vintage marine winch lamp
Vintage tap lamp
V8 Manifold Lamp
Brass and Burled Myrtle lamp
Cool lamp in brass and yellow
Truck Jack lamp
Brass bed lamp
Huon Pine and cool brass
Shower lamp - sassafras
Vintage engine touch lamp
1930's Ford V8 touch lamp
1940's Ford manifold lamp
Spiral touch lamp
Small touch lamp
Huon Pine touch lamp
WLA Harley touch lamp
Suzuki GT750 Waterbottle lamp
1930's Studebaker lamp
Huge lamp  13 kg Special
Bedside lamps Sassafras bases
Video lamp not for sale
Tri lamp
Bedside lamps sassafras bases
Myrtle base huge valve
bedside lamp Huon pine base
Huon pine base elegant
push switch SOLD
Alarm bell lamp
Truck piston lamp
Fire pump lamp
Hydrant lamp
bedside lamp
Antique brass vase
Three bulbs on manifold
Twin bulb touch lamp
Eye touch lamp
Large lamp green glass base
Kero touch lamp
Bilge Pump on myrtle base
Large lamp in red
Big Wheel
wedding lamp
Statement Piece
Collinade Lamp
Bilge Pump Lamp
Gas burner lamp
elegant touch lamp
Big Red small
Crystal lamp small
naked bulb
orange shade
Desk Lamp
Fire Reel Lamp
Copper base and top
bolt base
Marine themed lamp
Oil lamp reborn
elegant touch lamp
Clear Touch Lamp
fire valve red lamp
Desk Lamp
Die lamp
huge valve
buzz bar lamp
blue theme lamp
Best lamp?
Antique Standing Lamp


Making a lamp at Mountain River

I make unique   retro industrial lamps from recycled and new materials.  I source parts from antique and second hand shops as well as scrap metal dealers.  They are a creative link into the past.